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Reliable Tree Service

If you are located in the Twin Cities, Metro Tree and Crane will begin the process of getting your tree and equipment needs met. Our free estimates for tree services in the Twin Cities, we will offer an opportunity for tree service clients to meet with one of Metro Tree and Crane removal specialists to assess your tree service needs. For us, our Twin Cities tree service customer satisfaction is the highest priority.

Tree Service

The harsh Minnesota weather yields a variety of weather elements can take a toll on the trees in Minnesota. Metro Tree and Crane will ensure that the clean up goes smoothly and minimizes any further damage to your home structure. Whether your in Minneapolis or St. Paul Metro Tree and Crane are able to use bucket and dump trucks, as well as cranes for your tree service needs.

Tree Care and Pruning

In the Twin Cities, tree services include: pruning and tree trimming removal of damaged and diseased branches will improve the branching structure and stimulate growth for remaining foliage. Additionally, pruning can also provide clearance from buildings and wires. Blaine Metro Tree and Crane ISA Certified Arborist's can improve the health of your Minnesota trees and ensures visual appeal.

Lot Clearing

Metro Tree and Crane has equipment and experienced knowledgeable crew to make clearing a property safe and easy. We work with costumers to remove unwanted trees in the Twin Cities. Our work with customers has included clearing lots in preparation for breaking ground on a new home. Whether you are expanding your landscaping or just want a fresh clean look for your property in the Twin Cities, Metro Tree and Crane can assist you.

Tree Chipping

After completing your Twin Cities tree removal project, Metro Tree and Crane will clean up the brush and debris. We use a brush chipper to haul and dispose of unwanted tree, wood and brush. Metro Tree and Crane uses lawn specific equipment making the removal, chipping, and hauling of yard waste easy and affordable in the Twin Cities.


Metro Tree and Crane is consistently working with customers to remove unwanted tree and yard waste. This results in wood chips and firewood that we make available to our customers. Metro Tree and Crane would be happy to accommodate your wood chips and firewood needs for the cost of delivery in the Twin Cities and the Northern suburbs.


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